Bunzl & Biach - Firmeninfos

Austrian Recycling Ltd. with headquarters in Temelín at České Budějovice was established in 2010 as a trading company dealing with the purchasing of paper waste and plastics, engaged in the environmental recovery and recycling. Austrian Recycling Business and its subsidiaries Green Recycling and M-Cyklus long-term successively builds and expands its network of facilities. The associated entire group provides comprehensive and regional services in the field of collection, processing and disposal of secondary raw materials in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. The company operates on the international market of the recyclable waste.

Austrian Recycling offers individually customised services to meet your needs the best possible way accordingly.

Thanks to the long year experience of Austrian Recycling company owner, the business makes profit. Know how in the business field of "paper waste" is supported by the company BUNZL & BIACH GmbH, which is owned by Heinzel Holding GmbH and Essity Austria GmbH.